Can I get in trouble for lingerie/artistic nude modeling?

  1. Can I get in trouble for lingerie/artistic nude modeling? I've been modeling since I was a kid and it's tasteful modeling and nothing porn-looking but I guess some people might see it differently.

    I want to get into health policy or nursing journalism/administration. Can I get into trouble for posing lingerie catalog work/artistic nude for art classes?
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  3. by   natural thing
    Back in the day during nursing school, a fellow student who supported her college education from earnings as an xxx actress would occasionally arrive in class in full make-up having just come from the set. We were aware that she just came from work. It was her business and it did not impact her education and training.
    This was pre-social media and so much is passed around now but I doubt that you would be in any trouble.
    Best wishes!
  4. by   shibaowner
    I don't see why this would be an issue. However, I wouldn't go around advertising this. In addition, make sure none of these photos or images in which you are recognizable get onto social media.
  5. by   soapfloats
    It's a good idea to use an anonymous username on sites like this.