1. Any suggestions on the best online college to get your BSN?
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  3. by   Flames9_RN
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    Any suggestions on the best online college to get your BSN? no such thing as the "best" school. you need to do the reseacrh and find the one that fits you.
  4. by   llg
    Here are a few points worth considering:

    1. Is the school fully accredited? (Regional accreditation for the school as a whole & national accreditation for the nursing program). Be sure the school has the same accreditation as the major universities in its region.
    2. Is it a non-profit institution whose purpose is to serve the community? Or is a for-profit institution whose primary purpose is to make money for its stock-holders?
    3. Does it have a good reputation?
    4. Do people who have gone there say good things about it -- and do they get hired by the best employers?
    5. Could you visit the campus and/or meet face-to-face with the faculty/administration if you wanted to? Sometimes, having that option can be a blessing if some sort of problem arises.
    6. Is the cost reasonable?
    7. Does the scheduling of classes suit your needs. (Short classes may sound great -- but may be highly concentrated and require a lot of hours of your time each week. Longer, full-semester classes may be less stressful because they give you more time to cover a similar amount of material and can allow for a little more flexibility. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.)

    This is just a start. Start thinking about other criteria that may be important to you ... and use that list to help you compare programs.