Boston/Worcester New Grad Salaries and Job Search

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm graduating from an accelerated BSN program in December 2017. I've begun searching for jobs in Worcester and Boston, but there aren't many new grad programs. Has anyone heard of any with deadlines that are coming up? I'd really rather not wait until August (when many of the major hospitals have them) since I'll hopefully pass the NCLEX in early February and that's a long time to be without a job! Also, many people have told me that hospitals won't even look at my application since I don't have my license yet. I think I'm going to apply to a bunch of places anyway, since I don't want to be one of the last people applying and all the jobs be taken.

    Also, does anyone have updated new grad salaries for Worcester/Boston? I tried looking through this site, but many of the salaries are outdated 5-10 years.

    Thanks so much for any help!
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