Being harassed with the previous employer

  1. I feel I was harassed by my previous employer and I am a RN in british Columbia.
    Firstly, received a call from them to come for a building orientation and then i filled out a whole bunch of papers including tax and security deposit followed by an interview withe the HR not the nursing manager. They recruit for 3 facilities.
    I joined one facility in Oct 2017 as a casual and worked for a couple of months requesting for a FT position. They offered me a night and I picked up a lot of shifts during the holiday season, working 40-60hrs/wk.
    I went to the second facilty there as a causl too but would get called few times.
    finally was offered a FT position in a new place they got (facility 3). But already got part time in facilty 1 and they offered me 4 night shift in facility 3 stating " since i work 1 night in facility 3, it would be good if i take up night." So I was given no choice.
    In June I requested them to help me in the process for my BCPNP so I could go further with my PR. They simply rejected and to my knowledge, I stated "I will have to resign in order to look for another company who could help me with this process." They stated "ok" so easily and HR pulled out an A4 size paper from the printer and asked me to write the resigation letter giving them 2 weeks noticed.
    after 2 days, I requested to cancel my resignation letter and to get back the same position, but they offered me a casual position.
    So i decided to look for new employement and sent out a lot of applications.
    For one of the reference check, the Director of care refused to give stating she only worked 2-3 times whereas I have been working since October 2017 as a casual. Anyways I did not mention before, the firm is 90% philipinos workers in every category. Not being a racist nor being bias but have been always felt not being welcomed there, as they kept delaying giving me a FT position and also the help I required. Any suggestions who to ask help from?
    Much apprecitated
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Go to an employer where you are not in the minority.