Are there *any* jobs out there?

  1. I am a new grad in Cleveland, Oh. I have my RN and BSN. I have been applying diligently to any hospital I can think of, but all I've had so far is one phone interview. I've been looking for about a month- might not seem that long but I'm starting to get worried. Relocating is really not an option for me, but I'm willing to work nights or rotating shifts or even a part time position. Any advice or recommendations for this area with these qualifications? Thanks!
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  3. by   asange3
    I just left Ohio and moved to VA. There r jobs out here. Just not in Ohio! !
  4. by   HouTx
    Unfortunately, that is the case in a lot of areas. Only two options: 1) Relocate or 2) accept a non-nursing job until the job market changes.
  5. by   MAtoBSN
    In the same boat in PA. Graduated December 2012, right now I'm doing pediatric private duty with I haaaate, but I need the money and that part is decent. Also in the process of getting through the piles of paperwork to start at a LTC. Notice the theme here...NO hospitals. The only people from my school who got into hospitals got into the internships...which hey, they have to write papers and stuff and I am so done with that! So yeah, LTC it is for hopefully a year and then on to bigger and better! Good luck!
  6. by   joanna73
    A month is not long at all. Judging from many of the posts around AN, new grad positions can take 6 months to a year to acquire in a major city. The market is saturated with new and experienced nurses, and few positions.

    Keep applying to nursing and non nursing jobs. Money is money. Otherwise, you may have no other option than to relocate. I relocated for my first job three years ago. I wasn't about to wait around for the market to change, which is a good thing because nothing has improved in the cities.
  7. by   molleroni
    Thank you all for responding! Wasn't sure that anyone would even answer so I am very encouraged I know this post got pretty lengthy but when I read other job hunting posts I prefer to know as much detail as possible, so I hope that it helps even one person.

    Here’s an update: It's been about two months now, I realized it had actually been longer after I posted. So far I have applied as far west as Toledo and as far east as Pittsburgh at over 20 different hospitals and for multiple positions at each one. That's as far as I can relocate, I know I sound stubborn but there's plenty of good reasons I need to stay. I'd rather take a non-hospital job until while I search than relocate further. I've also been doing a lot of networking, and the one thing I am hearing over and over is "Oh God our HR department sucks! I know we are hiring but it will take a while for someone to even call." So hopefully I am still being considered for a few out there.

    I did actually have a phone interview with the Cleveland Clinic- Being from Cleveland, I REALLY want to start there! But I had to do WORK to get the phone interview in the first place. After three calls and countless transfers I contacted their New Graduate RN recruiter (who knew there was one?!) and she was very helpful. I suggest contacting her if you are still looking and interested. She said that they tend to hire in waves, and unfortunately I had come in right after one. And- turns out there had been a problem with my first application for the CC and it was just denied automatically! It was not my fault and was a glitch in their computer system- how crazy and frustrating! She was able to set it right and it was totally worth it to find her so I could move on in their system. BEWARE of those online apps- they can be tricky to even get past!

    I've also been using other (what some might call outdated) methods of searching for RN jobs. I've found a few prospects on Craigslist and The Plain Dealer (the major Cleveland newspaper) that look promising, but nothing jump-up-and-down exciting (which is exactly what I did when I had the phone interview with the CC). Mostly home health and nursing homes, etc. Definitely methods of job hunting that I've never used before but have surprised me. I am going to a few open houses this coming week that I have found so I’ll know more later about how well these worked.

    All in all- keeping my fingers crossed. Not discouraged thanks to all your responses! Thank you again to anyone who has posted in response and I wish everyone the very best!
  8. by   NMGirlRN
    I am in the same boat, Looking for almost two months and nothing. I have applied to all sorts of facilities. I, too, am in a major city. I hope it gets better for us all. Good luck and keep the faith!
  9. by   molleroni
    Another quick update- I was hired at the Cleveland Clinic!! Everything happened very fast- I had an interview less than a week after the original phone interview, and I was hired the next business day. I start mid June. YAYY!! I would definitely recommend contacting the new graduate RN recruiter at CC if you are a new grad and interested. If I hadn't done so I wouldn't have gotten in because their computer system messed up my application (be careful of those online apps!). I got on an amazing floor and I will definitely stay there for a few years (that's my plan anyway ) Now I am on to studying for the PBDS- ahhhh!

    Thanks to everyone who posted- don't give up and don't be afraid to call and talk to people! Good luck to all!!