APRN with mental illness?

  1. Hey everyone,

    Wow. I can't remember the last time I was here. I think I was in my first semester of my ADN program. I graduated in December of 2008 and since then I have only had one job, which only lasted 4 months. It was on an Orthopedic floor and although it wasn't the work that caused it, I ended up having to quit my job after being hospitalized for a Bipolar breakdown.

    I'm saying that to say this. By this time, I thought I would be well on my way to having my RN-BSN, possibly RN-MSN. All of this was put on hold due to my illness and the fact that, even now, I haven't been able to get stable enough to work as an RN or go back to school.

    For as long as I can remember, my ultimate goal was to become an APRN of Psychiatry. Now it seems that dream is no longer possible. I haven't talked to anyone knowledgeable about it, but I wonder if it's even POSSIBLE for that to happen considering my history even when I do become stable. In my own head, I'm thinking it's probably not even legal for someone to practice as an APRN of Psychiatry with a background such as mine. But I don't know.

    I'm asking you all first. Thanks in advance for any answers. It's good to be back :redpinkhe
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  3. by   HouTx
    Check with your state's BON for the specifics in your situation. Generally, states require nurses to be 'fit and able' to fulfill their scope of licensure. In Texas, this includes an attestation in the re-licensure process which requires a nurse to divulge any treatment for mental illness since the time their license was last issued.

    Honestly, if you are unable to maintain a basic nursing job at this time, I would discourage you from investing any more resources into a nursing career until this is under control. Take care of yourself first!