Anything Positive on Nursing ???

  1. I am going through a major career change now.
    I was dealing with Law & Finance......let me tell you this is stressful, because you never know where you are as far as getting paid. So you better have a good savings !!!

    I chose Medicine, to help people after I became ill,(another story), and to provide a service that is needed. Medicine is advancing everyday, and I can't imagine every department in nursing being so bad.

    The pay is OK,(average $50k.), benifits are GREAT, and lots and lots of extra's, and you don't have to worry about not having a job, and advancement is all up to YOU !!! The majority of the people I have met in the hospital enviroment, treat you like FAMILY.

    I think for the people crying alot, when you change jobs, you'll see how good you had it. My opinion ONLY.......

    Tell me what I'm missing......

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  3. by   nsmith_rn
    that is what they tell you to get you hooked
    it all sounds good
    but let me tel you it is not all that great

    Tell me if you think this is stressful
    Having to decide what patient that you going to see first
    The patient that is bleeding from a GI bleed or the one that is C/O chest pain
    that is a decsion that I had to make one day because of unsfae staffing and my charge nurse basically told me that she was to busy trying to get staff for the next shift ot stop and help me
    that was the day I started to get out
    I am back in school for something for engineering
    when my family asks me why something so remote from nursing
    I say excatly
    As an engineer I will not have to make descions like that and I will not be exposed to rare and unusual dieases
    and most of all I will not have to look at patients sufferring becasue the CEO needs that annual bonus or the stick had dropped a bit.
    I cannot do that for the rest of my life
  4. by   nsmith_rn
    I would also like to know who blew the smoke up your butt about nurses making on and average of 50K a year that is the max and ususally a masters is required
  5. by   fiestynurse
    What planet have you been living on!? It took me over 20 years of back breaking work as a nurse, with a BSN, to finally make $50,000/yr. The benefits use to be good, but those have slowly been taken away as a cost cutting measure. The health care "business" is in crisis, in case you hadn't noticed.
    Nursing is very hard work! It is mentally, emotionally, and physically stressful. You must go into it because it is something that you really want to do. Don't do it for job security or money or benefits. Otherwise you are going to be very disappointed.

    And all that crying when someone leaves is because they know it's going to take months to fill our position and they're wishing they were going too.
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  6. by   Rustyhammer
    I've been nursing for 15 years now and yes it is stressfull and hard and yes we work short all the time and I'm currently doing 12's which frequently turn into 14's but I love it!
    I like the responsibility. My co-workers are like family. We know ALL about each other and help each other out both at work and at home. I have managed to keep a positive attitude even when others have been backstabbing B's.
    Probably the best thing about nursing is the look on my patients faces when they see me coming down the hall after being off. They tell me they missed me and we hug and kiss (innappropriate I hear but I love them too much to stop).
    I truly have fun at work. When the fun stops I'll look elsewhere for my money.

  7. by   AgidaeRN

    Is nursing that bad? Others have told me that they have made a lot of money and these people just start working. I am a bit confused here but that wont stop me from doing my nursing course.

    I think the pay depends on where you work and the hours you do. Tell me if I am wrong. In Jamaica nursing does not pay much and the work is very hard but in the Us I heard that it is far better as the benefits are attractive.

    So tell me is this for all places in the US? Or for just where you work?

    Thanks for your response.
  8. by   fiestynurse
    agidae-- first of all, I have to tell you that I have been to Jamaica many times. My husband and I were married 19 years ago at the Dunns River falls.

    Secondly, I was mostly responding to miamipete's misinformed ideas about nursing incomes and working conditions. I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from following their dreams of becoming a nurse. There are good aspects to the profession, that are very rewarding. And I do believe that nurses would get paid more in the U.S., but the cost of living is higher here, than in Jamaica. Good luck to you!!
  9. by   buffett
    I have been reading the posts on the BB for quite a while now since I am considering going back and getting a 2nd BS degree as a BSN. I live in San Diego and have known quite a few nurses most in their 20s. They seem to have quite a different view of nursing than many of those who post on here. Some are travelers and some not. One of my friends works at a local hospital as a flight nurse with 8 years experience and makes about 70K/year and loves her job. Others I have talked to make pretty decent money and think highly of what they do and don't complain much. Seems it either varies alot by unit, geography, past experience etc... just a though.
  10. by   nsmith_rn
    Making above 30,000 a year right out of school is rare.
    Do some research...... listen to someone other then the experienced nurse that is making bank and the school
    Becasue the hars relaity is that the nurses that make that kind of money are very few and far between.....
  11. by   Agnus
    There are a lot easier ways to earn "a lot of money" Second of all those figures are very scewed. Call employers directly in your area and ask thier human resouce dept. , "what do you pay a new RN right out of school." Then ask "what is your salary range for RN's"
    I think you will be suprised.
  12. by   jen74
    Just wondering... the nurses in this area (nc) start out at $16-17/hr. The differentials are 5 for nights and $10 for weekends. Is this high? It seems so from these posts.
  13. by   nsmith_rn
    that is very high Diff but low pay
    the diff where I work at is 1.00 for evenings 2.00 for nights and one more dollar for the weekend
  14. by   Donner
    From nursing, I went into IT and for seven years I enjoyed the new way, now the industry is in chaos and I may come back to short enjoy the technical aspects...but i miss the level people interaction,...enjoy your break..