Any Private Duty-ers Out There?

  1. Do any private duty nurses feel like I do??

    I just recently began picking up some cases with a private duty nursing agency while I'm waiting to start orientation at a new job. I'm doing 12 hour day shifts with a patient who is so easygoing that she doesn't want me to do anything! I check her vitals in the morning, do a quick assessment for pain, give her some meds, make her some cereal, and then sit on my behind for hours on end!

    Yesterday I had enough of sitting around with her, that I insisted on doing some laundry and tidying up around the house. She is VERY wealthy, though, and has a maid who leaves the house spotless so I don't have much to keep me busy! Also, she has a chef who shops and cooks for her, so again, I've got nothing to do!

    This patient is paying BIG bucks to have us nurses around, so I just cannot justify doing nothing! I know you all are thinking I'm a nut for complaining about such an easy assignment, but I feel so guilty for getting paid for doing squat.

    I've spent all my nursing life in busy ER's and crazy step-down units, so this is quite a change.

    Anyone else ever encounter anything like this?
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  3. by   DDRN4me
    there are different connotations of the word "need" obviously if this woman is paying for nursing care she feels that she needs it. It may be more for companionship and "just in case". I have had cases like that in the past (but not priv pay) and have suggested less nursing hours and more pca hours... but if she wants you there then you are providing what she has requested.