Another Newbie-First Time in OR Today

  1. Hello! I'm new here and am a junior in my BSN program, Nursing/Religious Studies, two separate majors. My first OR experience was this morning (LOVED IT!!!!!!), and I have a quick question- I'm a bit of a loner in my class, so I don't know who else to ask...- but- my three main interests are hospice nursing (where everyone tells me I won't be able to use my 'skills'), psych nursing (same reply), or OR nursing (still yet, the same reply!). I started with the vision of working in foreign countries, on missions and such, but that was shot down in the first year by my instructors-

    My question is, how would you decide (or prepare) for any of these since they are so different? I am afraid I will choose one after graduation, and then not have the skills to do another should I choose to. According to my peers (and several instructors) psych and hospice are like a death sentence to nursing skills- I don't want to start off with 'no skills' should I choose to do something different down the road- does anyone here understand?? I would appreciate any info!! Thanks so much!
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    Oops! Maybe I should have placed this elsewhere and not in the 'introductions'. Blame it on being new Sorry guys!
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    I moved your thread to the Nursing Career Advice Forum for more responses, but don't worry - with so many forums here, it can be a little overwhelming. Even long-time members sometimes have trouble deciding which post goes in which forum.

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