Air Force NTP- Nurse Transition Program! Help!!

  1. So I have posted on here before asking about this, but I really want to join the USAF as a nurse. I have two bachelors degrees because the first one was useless (dont go to school for health science boys n girls!), but the second one is about to be in nursing.

    I have already began the process with my recruiter and am scheduled to graduate in feb 2018 and hopefully pass the NCLEX sometime in April. I have been told that the board meets once a year to select nurses, so I will plan on going through all that in mid-2018.

    My fiance, however, is in the Air Force too and he leaves for Lackland in Oct 2018. I would really like to join as an RN and to the whole mil-to-mil thing so that he and I can be together when we are married.

    My question is for any people who went through the NTP, did you automatically get put on med/surg if you didnt choose the OB/Surgery route? I have always wanted to do ER and maybe one day become a flight nurse. I cannot decide on if it would be more wise to just work as a nurse for one year and then join with a specialty or if I should do the NTP and work may way up the ladder. I just have no clue on the process works. Please help!!
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  3. by   arh1019
    Hello mmanzella18,

    I was not in the Air Force, but I was in the Navy and things are a little different over there. I can only offer my perspective based off what I have been able to research on my own because I also plan to return to active duty as a nurse. From what I have researched, if you are not chosen for the field you wish to go into, you will either be placed on a waiting list or will have to reapply. If you are placed on the waiting list, you will be given a spot in the event that someone cannot fulfill the obligation. This is contingent on how long the list is and who else is in front of you on the list.

    Also, you mentioned that you would like to do the mil-to-mil thing with your fiance' once the two of you are married. I can tell you that from a military standpoint, you will not always have that option because it is based on needs of the respective service. They will do what they can to place you within the same vicinity, but keep in mind that operational commitments on his or your parts may not always allow that to happen. I hope this helps.
  4. by   chairborne nonner
    From what I understand, this is true for officers as well, you don't pick your specialty. Several flight commanders I've spoken have relayed to me this exact story, although I am maintenance and not medical. If you are still looking for information I could try and ask the on base career advisor and get back to you?

    Edit: One did say he is going to enter the pilot program and would be able to more or less pick what he wants. I'm enlisted so I'm not well versed with the officer training processes.