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  1. Has anyone went into nursing after having little luck with finding a job with their current degree? I have a BA in History and English, and I am pretty sure I will never find a I am interested in nursing because of the stability it provides and I enjoy helping others. However, I am terrible in math. I like science, but honestly I am more interested in lit and history. I have never had to take a lot of science or math and I know most nursing students love math and science. If I can get through the science and math, I think I will really enjoy the work. My question is, is there anyone out there that started off in a completly different field like me and still ended up successful and content in nursing. I am to the point now where job stabillity is a top priority. I love books and reading, but I know I can do this as a hobby and I need a career..and I am not having any luck with my BA. Has anyone been where I am at? Any advice you can give?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    I went into nursing because I wanted to be a nurse.

    I to love books and history, I originally started out to be a teacher but the thought of 17 yo students that were bigger than me changed my mind...

    Have you thought about Library Sciences? I worked in a library for years and loved it.

    The maths and sciences weren't the hard part for me in nursing school, not even the stuff that people consider "gross" was hard for me. What I found the hardest was the "customer is always right" attitude. Don't get me wrong, I'm there to care for and assist my patient in regaining their health, its just the picky demanding behaviours that got and still get me down....(I need FOUR pillows to sleep, adjust my TV......)