Advise to New Nurse: An Interview with Seasoned Nurses

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    A brief interview with experienced nurses, highlighting their advice to new graduate nurses. I asked two seasoned nurses 3 very basic questions: what's been rewarding/challenging for them as nurses and what advice they had for new nurses. These nurses have worked in a variety of settings, (preceptors, charge nurses, travel nursing and inpatient and outpatient). Their responses are brief, but honest and candid.

    I recently had the privilege of interviewing two really great nurses. Both have been in practice for at least 7-10 years and have worked in various roles (inpatient, traveling, charge nurse and outpatient). I figured that with their experience and skill, they would be more than able to give great advice to new nurses. I was right!

    I asked 3 simple questions and I loved the responses! They are brief and candid, yet powerful when you take them to heart. It struck me how much these ladies valued their roles as nurses. They've worked a little bit of everywhere, yet there are certain parts of their roles as nurses that have remained the same. I could hear joy and satisfaction in their voices! Let's face it, not everyone can do it. Be proud of the decision you made to become a nurse. It was a good one! I hope their advice to you is helpful.

    Here's the interview, enjoy!!

    What's been most rewarding for you as a nurse?

    Nurse A: "Seeing my patients improve and go home! I love getting to know them and building relationships with them. It's like they know you care because they light up when they see you."

    Nurse B. "Building really close relationships with my patients and families. They were hesitant to conversate with me when I first started this position, but now they know and trust me. That's a great feeling".

    What's been the toughest part of being a nurse for you?

    Nurse A: "A patient that I had taken care of for a long time and built a close relationship with had a stroke at the end of my shift once. It was so hard for me to see that happen and go through it with the family. I had trouble visiting them in intensive care. It was so hard. But, the patient's doing well now and that's great".

    Nurse B: "Honestly, it's hearing my patients sometimes lie about taking their meds at home. I know they don't want to lie, but it's hard when they're trying to keep from looking bad. As a pediatric nurse, it's sometimes very hard to witness poor parenting".

    What advice would you give a new nurse?

    Nurse A: "You've learned a lot in the textbook world. The real world of it is a little different. The understanding of it is important. Also, everybody has a different way of doing things. Be open-minded to that".

    Nurse B: "Start slow, but now when and how to dive in. It's tempting to take shortcuts, but don't. Go home and know that you did right by your patients".
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