Advice Needed! NJ/NYC Hospitals; ICU vs. other positions...

  1. Hi!

    I graduated in May from a BSN program from Emory in Atlanta. I moved back home to NJ and passed to NCLEX exam in September (YAY!). It was always my dream to work in an ICU in NYC for about two years, and then go to graduate school to become a CRNA.

    So I got my NY RN License and I started to apply to ICU positions at Mount Sinai and NY Presbyterian. I'm also in the process of applying to NYU Medical's new graduate one year orientation program. Mt Sinai and NYP have contacted me back saying thanks for the interest, but we prefer applicants with at least one year of experience, so instead try applying for other positions where we accept new grads...

    So these are my questions...

    1. Should I apply for a non-ICU position at Mt Sinai and NYP and then move up to an ICU position within the same hospital after a year. If yes, what type of position would best prepare me?

    2. OR: should I work in an ICU at a different hospital where they prefer new graduates? Can you recommend me any hospitals in NYC where you think I could gain some great experience and welcome new grads?
    I'm also applying to get a NJ RN license, so are there any NJ hospitals you recommend?

    3. Many of the hospitals take online applications. But because I am so flexible, I feel silly applying to so many positions at once. Do you think I should call the HR dept/nursing # directly instead and explain my situation instead?

    THANK YOU so much for you time and help!! I really really appreciate it!!!
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  3. by   RNDreamer
    HHHMMM...just my opinion. but I would look for a hospital that hires new grads in the ICU. If you take a position at the two hospitals, what guarantee do you have that you will be able to transfer over? In the NY forum, there is a fairly new thread that list hospitals that hire new grads in the's probably within the first 3 pages of the forum...check them out before you decide to "settle" for a position you don't truly want. I am also looking for an ICU position, pref the NICU. (I may change my mind when I graduate, you never know). I am going to try to get into a hospital that will take me as a new grad into my specialty of choice.
  4. by   NewGradRN47
    Thanks for the advice!
    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about how I will be able to have a guarantee about working ICU later... Thanks for referring me to the to the other post ( Good look with your job hunting!