Advice for a struggling nursing student

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    Hopefully i can get a little advice from here. Iam currently an LPN my husband and I recently PCS to another state where I was accepted into an LPN to RN Bridge. My teacher assigns 5 to 10 chapters and says you should have learned this stuff in LPN school. During class I sit and listen to lecture while taking notes since we're not allowed to record I go back read the material but I am still struggling. I had Straight A's in LPN school but this time it's just so much different. I'm not sure of what to do I'm debating on dropping out and trying a different program or possibly even starting over and doing an associate's degree program. Any advice would be great please help.
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  3. by   TAKOO01

    You say you are struggling, but not failing. It sounds like you are still in the game. Lots of people struggle in nursing school but still graduate and become good nurses. Just because it's hard does not mean you should quit. Talk to other people in your class to understand how they study. Maybe join a study group. Maybe increase your study hours and incorporate online videos. Do not be afraid of the challenge. Embrace it and it may make you a stronger nurse.