ADN Questions for Paths (Please help..)

  1. Okay so I'm in a bit of a pickle. Some advice would really help.

    I can take the 2 year ADN program now, or wait a year and take an accelerated BSN program. The only problem is that I need to take statistics for that and math is my demon. They have a Psych statistics that I can take. Does anyone know about psych stats? Can you give me the 411?

    Also, does anyone know if there are any ADN one-year programs in Houston? If a BSN takes a year and a half in the accelerated program I don't see how an ADN should take two years...

    Also, what do you guys think I should do? Keep in mind I'll also probably have to do some prereqs to be able to do math statistics and/or psych stats.

    Current situation:
    1) I am taking growth and development and Psych intro now. From Aug-Dec I can take 4 classes and then 3 classes from Jan-June. In June I can take my prereq for Psych (hopefully I can pass) and if I fail it I can take it again in July. My GPA would nose dive if I failed. And then from next scholastic year's Aug- Dec I can do stats or psych stats. Then once that is passed I will hopefully be accepted into the BSN program which is a year and a half of accelerated learning.

    2) I can do my last 2 prereqs for the ADN by this December and then do the 2 year ADN program. Then I'd need to do 2 more years of hard study for the BSN.

    Please advise!

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  3. by   HouTx
    The clinical hours requirement for a pre-licensure program (ADN, BSN, ELM or even diploma) is the same. The only variable would be pre- and co-requisites. I urge you NOT to try to hasten or avoid any clinical training opportunities. There is no short cut to clinical competency. FYI, Managers in my organization have ceased hiring accelerated BSN grads, unless they have a clinical background in another direct patient care area such as respiratory therapy. They found that ABSN grads just didn't have sufficient clinical preparation.

    As a new grad in the Houston area, you will not be eligible for hospital jobs, as they are only hiring BSN grads.

    You may discover that 'psych stats' or any other version of 'stats lite' will not be sufficient for BSN programs or grad school, if that is part of your long term goal. I would also urge you to take stats in a real classroom setting where you will have the hands-on support of a qualified instructor and your classmates.
  4. by   JohnnyM
    Well I will be taking statistics in a classroom. And I will be taking the BSN accelerated course in a classroom too, if that's what you are worried about. What about being a CNA? I did CNA for about..say..7 months.