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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm a long term lurker but I finally made an account. This is my final semester of nursing school and it might be a redundant topic because I had read several other ADN-based forums to know that the job market isn't that great right now in New York City (which is where I am from), but I was hoping to get more insight on my other choices aside from the usual hospital/nursing home jobs that perhaps would be less competitive and I can more easily get hired. Unfortunately I cannot relocate due to family issues, but I am not particularly picky about where I end up for my first job (even if it's on a psych floor). Currently I can't drive right now, and I am dependent on public transport. But I will be learning over the summer and hopefully buy a car with my first few RN paychecks to make commuting more easier.

    I know doing internships and volunteer work is a particularly popular way to get your foot in the door, but I cannot quit my current job right now so most of my time is used up by work and school.

    I also had a prior bachelor in biology and my goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. Basically my plan was to find a job asap after NCLEX, gain clinical experience, and work full time while taking online classes for my BSN (I'm trying to find a program that accepts most of my credits from my previous degree and is also fast too. Currently I am leaning to Chamberlain even though it's super expensive).

    So basically what I am asking for is suggestions for types of places to apply to where they might be more willing to accept a newly graduated, no experienced ADN outside of the usual hospital and nursing home setting (I would be enrolled in a BSN program by then), and where I can gain good clinical experience to put on my resume for NP school/future jobs.

    (If anyone has any fast BSN programs to suggest, that's welcome too!)

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   Tajin
    Prospective CA nursing student here. NYC is probably similar to CA in terms of difficulty finding a RN position as a new grad nurse. Your options are limited because you can't drive, but I'd suggest you to get a PCT/Clerk/CNA position at any hospital NOW. Also, I have heard great things about the RN-BSN program from UT Arlington. You take BSN courses online in 5 week sequences and you can finish it in less than a year. Having that "BSN in progress" on your resume will help.