Administrative Nursing????

  1. I am just finishing my two years of pre-requisites and am enrolling into a nursing program in the spring. I sometimes fear the medical field because of the unknown although I have a passion to help those in need and have always been entrigued by the medical field. I plan on obtaining a degree in business as well after my RN??? Can these degrees work together??
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Nursing is versatile and will impact you however you shape your degree. I guess I want you to be aware that there is such a thing as a Health Administration Degree (bachelors) and it teaches people to administrate health care agencies. You can easily do this degree with out the detour through nursing school.

    Nursing, whichever ed path you use, is a long detour if your eventual hoped for destination is administration (as opposed to middle management). What is your perceived or hoped for benefit by teaming the ADN and the BS/BA in business? I wouldn't discourage you from doing this but you might consider either the health admin degree OR the BSN, depending on where you want to go after school.

    Many nursing middle managers start out as staff nurses,then charge nurses, then head nurses and even clinical area administrators. A nurse that is hoping for this pathway would be advised to consider the BSN as her entry level.

    Good luck in your decision making. You may be smarter than the average of us because it seems you are planning your escape route from nursing at the beginning