addmission in M.D

  1. hi ,me doing 3 years general nursing ,i want to know can get add in m.d after this 3 yeras program or it has other requirment?
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  3. by   diane227
    In order to get into medical school, you have to meet all the educational requirements and nursing training does not include all those requirements.
  4. by   Goingthere
    Medical school requires:

    One year of bio
    One year of physics
    One year of inorganic and organic chemistry
    MCAT score generally in the 30 range

    If you want to get an MD or DO degree, then go for it. You can also persue higher degrees in nursing, your Dnp or Dnc or NP.
  5. by   elkpark
    You don't mention your location, but, in the US, medicine is a completely different discipline than nursing, and there is no way to "add in" an MD degree within nursing education. One applies to and gets accepted to medical school, which is entirely separate and different from nursing school. Nurses are just as welcome as anyone else to apply to medical school, but there is no special preference or advantage for nurses. The prerequisites for med school are different from nursing school, as Goingthere noted, plus one must have an undergraduate degree (medical schools are graduate programs). In the US, medical school is four years of very rigorous full-time study, followed by several years of residency (the length of residency training varies depending on the specialty chosen). This would all be in addition to nursing school, if we are speaking of a nurse wishing to become a physician.