6 Month Road Trip: What are my job options?

  1. I'm a critical care nurse at this time, with a total of 3 years of bedside experience. My boyfriend and I want to take a roadtrip around the country. Maybe spending a week or two in different cities.

    We don't plan to take this trip for a year, so I have time to save. However, would also like to have some source of income while traveling as well. I like the idea of something that just requires me to need a phone and laptop, but I don't want to be required to stay by a laptop from 9-5 everyday considering that I do want to explore the sights on days other than the weekend.

    So I know this is incredibly specific, but i just want to know if there any options out there. Regardless of via distance-working or actual patient care.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I would say you are looking for a unicorn. Most work-from-home jobs require daytime hours, and agency work would require you to get licensed in a ton of states or hold a compact license. you still need some type of orientation at most places- so unlikely they are going to spend that on someone who is going to work a week or two and then take off.