24/7 365 on- call requirement with no pay- Privia Health

  1. Hello,
    I am a Registered Nurse who recently took a new position with Privia Health, a health care organization with headquarters in Arlington VA. I took a position as a Nurse Care Manager after interviewing with what seemed like a wonderful team with an awesome outlook on healthcare! Now I am feeling like I've been duped.

    Now, yesterday, I was told that I needed to be on-call continuously during non business hours and on the weekend. Yes, we are talking if a patient should call me I must be potentially available to take this call and advice the patient on what care should be given- should the patient go to the hospital? Should they go to the Urgent Care? Should I help them contact the doctor? Whatever is needed for this patient in an emergency.

    It would be really be awesome if I was able to help patients all the time, but I am feeling like this is just not possible. They haven't made any allowance for sleeping time, what to do if I know I won't be able to answer during a time, what to do if my phone dies, what to do if I'm in an area with no service, what to do if I have had a glass of wine- or is that not allowed? I would think not! Worst of all, none of this time is paid.

    A coworker was asking yesterday how long she had to call back a patient during on-call hours- and our manager would not even answer that.

    My reason for writing in is two fold.
    (1) Any legal/ethical/safety advice? What can I do to protect my license? Is this practice even legal?

    (2) I really just want to warn anyone who might be an RN looking at a position with this company what they're getting in to. I have kids, and I am in school- this is really not the position for me.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Just got around to reading this - by any chance did you get any written job description or contract that detailed this obligation?
  4. by   ethicalrn2
    Thanks for your reply. When I signed my contract it said nothing about needing to do on call hours, and I wasn't told about it. My job description at time of hire didn't say anything about them either.
  5. by   Momnurse24
    How is being on call going? How do you like your job? I'm interested in a care manager position with the company.