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    Ok let me explain my situation before I ask my question. I am 24 and am wanting to start nursing school next fall. I want to get through with it as fast and as cheaply as possible. Here is why: I want to take my nursing skills into a 3rd world counrty and work with people who would never be able to afford regular health care. I desire to do this because I have done a LOT of volunteer in such countries and have become sickened by the lack of nurses and doctors!!! I just want to make a small difference AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! One of my main problems is, since I want to work in a 3rd world country I will not be able to pay off some wopping big student loan debt with what I will be making upon completing nursing school.
    So (now for my question) I have heard rumors about funding for nursing school through specific hospitals, or organizations. Is there any truth to this rumor and if so how does one go about obtaining this? And is this is not true does anyone out there have any good ideas? HELP ME PLEASE!!!

    Thanks SO much!!!

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    lmao cuz i've seen billboards for YOUR area hospitals in MY town....they must be desperate for nurses there and willing to pay BIG bucks....

    i digress.....

    some of our local hospitals will pay your nursing school tuition is exchange for a contract to work at that hospital after graduation.....check with the financial aid office at your school..

    also, fastest and cheapest in my area is the community college ADN route...
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    Associate Degree-Nursing
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    Associate Degree-Nursing

    ahhh ok