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I use to work on a med/surg floor. I didn't work much though.. I was trying to balance being a stay at home (most of the time) mom and continue nursing, so I only worked 3-4 shifts a month. I never really got to know anyone on my floor, but most of them were clicky(sp?). I never felt like I was part of the team. I had 5 patients. It seemed the last few times I worked I had the craziest patients/days...when I'd ask for help I'd get the sigh and the supervisor asking me if the floor was too much for me!? Well....some days it was!! ugh. I eventually decided to let something go...and it couldn't be my kids! LOL I put hospital nursing on the back burner until I can be more committed to a schedule and floor so I can feel like part of the team and get to know people. My first med/surg job out of nursing school was awesome, so supportive, but I also worked full-time. I don't think I was ready to work prn...I was only a full-time nurse for 8 months and I got one day of orientation at the newer prn job. Needless to say, with working 3 days a month, I lost confidence in the skills and knowledge I did gain...traches, setting up pain pumps, NG tubes, even the process of giving blood since it only came up one time for me in almost 2 yrs working there. (I gave blood all the time previously...). I'm now a PRN school nurse and it works very well with my kids' school schedules. It's way less stress too..I can fill in and not feel like the new person every day. But I do long for that nitty gritty hospital nursing and experience. I feel like I never really got great solid start to my nursing career....

For now, I'm sticking with prn school nursing b/c it does allow me to be home with my kids every afternoon. Has anyone else had a similar experience? ...I know when I eventually leave school nursing, I'm going to have to return to a med/surg floor to regain my clinical skills before moving on to anything else, (possibly wound care nursing...). Has anyone else had a similar career experience? and returned to more acute nursing? I know I'll be starting all over again pretty much.. I wish there was a way to refresh skills or go to a clinical class periodically..

Thanks! Maybe I'm just venting.... :)


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I too have had this same experience, I am in medsurg, and many days I feel as though I will not survive until I become "mean". I feel like when you are nice you are taken advantage of. I hope you find a supportive place to work for in the future, and you are in a positive environment. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone!


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I've been a school nurse for the past 4.5 years and am transitioning out of it at the end of this school year. Prior to this, I was a peds nurse fro 2.5 years. Currently, I work PRN at the county hospital to relearn my bedside skills and floor nursing. At times it's been really, really tough. With the smaller county hospital there are fewer resources (RNs put in orders, give RT treatments, often don't have a pharmacist available, often don't have an LVN) so it feels scarry and overwhelming at times? Is that really V-tach on the monitor?! Anyway, it's been a good learning experience and I've had to be a better nurse questioning orders, decisions other nurses have made, decisions I've made. I'm also learning about a whole lot more meds than I ever gave in Peds! Luckily, there's nurses who have been at this hospital for years who are willing to help out and give advice and even though I've only been there 8 months I'm now one of those "older" nurses because of all the new hires that have come on. So, it can be done. It will push you out of your comfort zone though! Good luck.


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If you want to get into wound care then you should look into getting wound care certified. Where I work all the wound care nurses have special certifications. Those positions are impossible to land otherwise.


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Hi there! I've been in the same position after having my first child. Will you consider working nights and maybe do part-time? I had to transition to nights since becoming a mom. I know night shift is not for everyone. i basically work full time nights on a fri-sat-sun schedule. this way i get to be home during the week doing errands and taking care of the kids. it's a sacrifice to give up your weekends..but for my family it works :)

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