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  1. by   Barb101
    [quote=nightnurse7;2112160] Quick shifts expect calls for short shifts. A total lack of sleep is a definite requirement & still expected to function at 100% no mistakes. then expect the very worst pts behaviour & at the end of the shift leave with a smile. Hows that for a initiation LOVE Barb
  2. by   Barb101
    [quote=Grace Oz;2108736]G'day Gwenith lovely to hear from you but can the state stand the presence of 2 out going people in it LOL . there may be level 5 restrictions but its because the southern states stole all the water. Darn this lack of a hot shower is really marking its mark its almost getting to the stage of filtered mouth pieces. Hmmmmm slight exeration but you know how it is every thing is bigger in the sunshine state. We certainly have the biggest mouths in the country but thats politics for you.
    Now what happening - Hmmmmmmmm nothing another topic closed
    Love to all Barb
  3. by   cmb73
    Hey,im an student EN in Kalgoorlie ,West Aus.Im 34 and pretty stressed out about my Prac placements which are 3 days per week at present.Tell me the truth,do other Nurses really despise us? are we really that much of a hassle to have around,us lowly students.
    Please send me some truthful answers from you guys out there,your esperiences either with students or AS one and any tips that will ensure you get your best out of this time without having your soul destroyed totally.
  4. by   spicynoodles
    Wow, now i am in the right place.

    Hey guys, i want to ask if what should i do first in applying for registration in Victoria (Board of Nurses). A little background of me, i have had my licensed as a registered nurse here in the Philippines, last June 2007 and now doing my charity (volunteer) in a public hospital, i started last week. And i plan to pass my application for assessment in Victoria to be a registered nurse. Do you think it would be okay to apply eventhough i don't have that 12 months work paid experience in a hospital. And which states in Australia by the way has the easiest way for us overseas nurses?

    Thank you very much

    Jacky (male here)