Bachelor of Nursing in Edith Cowan University

  1. I'm planning to study nursing at ECU and I would like to know if the nursing course is good. EX, does ECU have good reputation for nursing and Is the teaching good compared to the Go8 university?
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  3. by   sparticus2008
    Pretty good course in general (few gripes, but similar to any university).
    Notre Dame has more clinical hours but less flexible
    Curtin has a stronger science push, however ECU science is very much focused on nursing specific, whereas Curtin is a lot more generalised for their schools of health sciences.

    At the end of the day, it doesnt matter where you study, you all end up with the same registration & (especially for public grad programs) where you studied is totally irrelevant
  4. by   SaberSolstice
    You can check the Rankings of the school depending on their subject. for me one consideration that i am taking is the rankings and its student services. there are good universities with great student services. are you only looking into Western Australia only?
  5. by   Sahar4r
    I was treated very unfairly by 2 nursing lecturers at Curtin and is are no support in place for students who are being treated unfairly. Just err on the side of caution when making decisions about study. ECU has higher student satisfaction so I would suggest sticking with ECU.

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