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  1. I'm a US trained registered nurse, with current registration and practising certificate in New Zealand, and have applied for reciprocal Australian nursing registration. My partner is sponsoring me for temp to perm Australian residence. What I would love to do is work short term (4-5 week) contracts in rural hospitals anywhere in Australia, and return home at intervals in Melbourne, where we will live. In addition to my US experience, I've been working the last 2 years in a 22 bed rural New Zealand hospital (with the second busiest rural A&E in New Zealand).

    I would love to hear from any nurses that might be doing this, or anyone that does any short term contracts. I have heard these jobs pay well but not sure "how well" they pay. My partner and I don't have any dependent kids or elderly relatives that depend on us, so I'm pretty free to go where ever, when ever. Any information, experiences, negative or positive much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    Rural placements are usually 3 months but you could talk to a nursing agency to see if you could get short term contacts
  4. by   uswoman
    I do have one co-worker who goes over from New Zealand and works 4-5 weeks at a time so I know it's possible. She is casual at our little hospital and there is usually no shortage of work for her when she is in New Zealand but she goes over to work in Australian rural areas and makes enough to do more renovation to her house each time and really seems to enjoy it. I'm hoping I can do this once I live in Australia!