newly graduated division 1 international nurse Victoria.. how to get employed

  1. I would like to ask any newly graduated division 1 international nurse in Victoria if they experienced this kind of situation and have something to share to me. I am about to graduate this Janruary 2013 as a division 1 nurse at Deakin University but my student visa will expire this April 2013. I have no experience as a nurse yet even though I'm a registered nurse already in the Philippines.

    How is the employment in Victoria? Are there any employers even those under Nursing Homes or Aged care who will sponsor my student visa to working visa? Although the nursing profession is my priority, any work related to health care is okay for me as long as I have a chance to be sponsored. Any tips would be really appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   kebz
    Anyone here could share something to me. thanks alot
  4. by   ceridwyn
    Have not heard of any sponsorship jobs in Victoria for no experience nurses, there are many,many new graduates locally this time of the year.

    You cannot do any other job because they would not be on the skilled shortage lists, thats why everyone wants to do nursing or engineering or accounting. PCA, or caregiver are not required in Australia and therefore no employer can offer you a sponsorship visa.

    There are nursing agencies advertising that they sponsor, but I think it is for experienced nurses.

    If you have studied in Australia for 2 years there is a visa you can apply for that allows you to work and once working and have experience you can put in expression of interest for a permanent visa independently, but you need experience to get the 60 points.

    Might be worth consulting an immigration agent. Nursing is no longer the golden ticket for nurses.

    Try NSW. Queensland is out of the question also, with all the cutbacks.
  5. by   kebz
    What about nursing homes? They don't sponsor too?
  6. by   ceridwyn
    Yes, nursing homes can sponsor if they need RN,s and cannot get a local for the job.Trouble is there are only 22 million people in Australia.Nurses were in short supply .World 2009 has economic crisis, every country closes its doors on overseas nurses except Australia.Local universities were asked to take on more students, 1000's nurses from the Phillipines trying to get work experience and come to Australia same as India along with graduate nurses from NewZealand, UK! USA and parts of Europe, there is not the work available anymore. Most of the jobs advertised are for part time or casual and an employer cannot apply for sponsorship visa, unless full time work.
    Everyone is waiting for the baby boomers to pop their clogs and get out of the way....I have news, we are not budging!
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  7. by   kebz
    If this is the case, international students without experience have no chance finding work in Australia. lol