CCU/HDU units similar to Cardiac IMC/Telemetry

  1. A question for Aussie nurses, are coronary care units and high dependency units similar to cardiac telemetry and IMC units in the USA? I work cardic telemetry/IMC and would like to work on a similiar unit in Australia. I currently work on a 36 bed all monitored unit and our patient population includes CHF, chest pain, pre and post op cardiac catheterization, MIs, cardiac arrthymias, pacemaker/AICD placement and post op CABG, value repair and lung transplant from ICU.
    Our nurse to patient ratios are 1:4 for tele and 1:3 for IMC and we do have multi functional techs that assist with ADLs and VS.
    I am looking at moving to Australia Jan 2013, hopefully Melbourne but also looking at Brisbane and Sydney, but my fear of Sydney is that i will not be able to manage on a nurse's salary looking at the cost of living lol.
    Any information on which hospitals to look at and ones to stay away from will be helpful.


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  3. by   Mopples
    I work in admin on a 26 bed cardiac ward in Sydney. All of our beds are monitored etc. we have a ratio of 1:4 on mornings, 1:5 on afternoons and 1:7 on nights I think. There is also a ccu unit with 12 monitored beds and a ratio of 1:2 from memory. We also have a icu & hdu department on other floors.

    I live comfortably on an admin wage in Sydney and I think the nurses I work with manage quite well. I will be registered in 12 months and sticking to my budget, I will be comfortable enough.
  4. by   gogirlgo
    As a psych nurse, just thought I should mention that in Australia CCU can stand for Community Care Unit and HDU for High Dependency Unit which are Mental Health units.

    But I am sure that they were cardiac jobs you were looking at!

    Good luck.
  5. by   K+MgSO4
    Hi in general nursing CCU is coronary care unit & HDU is high dependency unit. alot of abbreviation have multiple meanings to me PAC can be post acute care, pre admissions clinic or pressure area care
  6. by   K+MgSO4
    I know that my hospital CCU are monitored beds for non ventilated pts.

    HDU beds vary our neuro surg ward has neuro HDU beds, ICU has HDU beds for a interim between ICU & the ward. Things that cannot be run on the ward such as inotrops, BiPAP etc

    Most CCF is not monitored.

    It is officially spring in Melbourne tomorrow!
  7. by   Shiloh06
    Thanks mopples, k+mgso4 and gogirlgo for your input. I have signed up with a nursing agency and told them what am looking for and hopefully they can find the right job for me.