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i am starting this thread devoted to listing web resources for nurses not only in australia and new zealand but any of our regional areas. anyone is invited to add to the thread with a new resource... Read More

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    On the subject of maps - here is a link to the Australian Health map

    Here is a link to rural education resources from the same website.
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    One of our members, Maelee was kind enough to hunt up some Philippine nursing websites for those interested in going to the Philippines or even just interested in talking to our colleagues there.

    Thank-you Maelee the sites look impressive and give us an insight into what nursing is about in your country. I think these sites demonstrate how much a part of a global community nuring really is and how much we have in common.
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    Direct from my text book -


    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare \I used subject portals most often

    Better Health channel has a truckload of info on here(beware pop up windows)

    last one we Australians cant read it
    Indonesian National Nurses Association, their registration board eng version is under construction um its under PPNI AND nurses or pPNI AND registration if u do a google search
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    For all those working in the MH field the Australian & New Zealand College of Mental Health Nursing is at:

    regards StuPer
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    National review of nursing education
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    If you work for Queensland Health and have a Novell logon you can access the Clinician's Knowledge Network from home.
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    Here is an article that goes some way to explaining how and why competencies are used to assess nurses.
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    This site may prove useful to those working in a hostile environment.
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    Interested in further education but not sure what's available or not tempted by the local offerings? lets you search for any course, anywhere in Australia (and I mean any - apprenticeship to PhD). For example, tonight I looked up epidemiology courses: I chose the 'medical' field of study option ('nursing' didn't get any matches, even though you don't have to be an MD to get into the courses), selected all the states (by holding down Cntrl as I scrolled), then chose 'any' mode of study, before typing 'epidemiology' into the course name box. There are four post-graduate epidemiology courses offered in Australia, one by distance.
    I then clicked each hit for further information. Here's what you get:
    Master of Medical Science - Clinical Epidemiology University of Newcastle
    Attendance - External
    Qualification - Master Degree (By Coursework)
    Description - This course provides a strong research capacity, an advanced understanding of epidemiological concepts and knowledge of the applications of methods in biostatistics, social sciences and economics.
    Structure - Eight 10 unit courses, and a 40 unit Minor Thesis; OR twelve 10 unit courses.
    Subjects - Clinical epidemiology; Pharmacoepidemiology; Molecular and genetic epidemiology; Epidemiology of communicable disease; Nutritional epidemiology;
    Entry Requirements - Relevant bachelor degree; Grad Dip in Clinical Epidemiology; computer literacy
    HECs - HECs applies to this course
    Course Fee Comments - International distance learning fees are $1575 per 10 units. Postgraduate Education Loans Scheme (PELS) funding available to Australian citizens and holders of an Australian permanent visa.
    Australian Student Fees - Fee-paying places available
    Enrolment Enquiries -
    Related Jobs - Health Promotion Officer, Medical Scientist
    If you subscribe to the service ($22 a quarter) you can access "detailed and exclusive in-depth analyses, ratings and comparisons of institutions and their fields of study; View the FOUR ratings gateways; and View detailed information and profiles on fields of study, courses, campuses, universities and graduate outcomes"
    The only annoying thing is that they don't have web links to the course page, so you do have to find the institution site and then search a bit.
    On the up side, it's amazing what's out there!
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    australian slang.
    for those that sometimes wonder what we are talking about.