Nursing assistant courses in Pampanga



Maybe my ask is unconventional, but hope You can help me.

I'd like to help some person in Pampanga who want to get better education and find a new job. I'd like to sponsor for that person a nursing assistant course.

I noticed that ACSAT organizes 6-month nursing assistant course:

but I would like to know your opinions and recomendations.

I'm not familiar with social situation & job market in Philipinnes. Is there any chance to find a job if the person will complete such short nursing assistant course? Or if that person should to complete full 2-year nursing course rather to get a job as a nurse assistant?

Thank you all in advance.

suzanne4, RN

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The legitimate nursing programs in the Philippines and only one accepted for licensure there is the four year BSN. None of the other programs are accepted by their government.

As the RN job market there pays very little, the asst programs would not be able to support anyone on just that.

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