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Nursing assistant Abandonment

Smmass Smmass (New) New

I am 6 month pregnant and work at a home care agency. I was having some issues with my blood pressure and my OB told me to go to the hospital, and that the family was supportive of me leaving. My employer told me that I had to stay and don't leave until my replacement got there. Which she had no idea how long it could take. But the clients husband was there and the daughter who is an RN. The daughter insisted I leave since I was in a medical emergency. She wound up talking to my employer and told her it was OK that I leave and go to the hospital. And that she would be there with her mother until the replacement came. Now my employer has never spoken about abandonment in my 4 years. Other client has let me go early for various reasons. How is this abandonment??

Wow. I'm sorry. First and foremost, I hope that you and your baby are okay. It is terrible that your employer doesn't feel the same way.

Thankfully your patients family was able to take over care. I'm my experience, if you are handing off care to a trained caregiver, it is not abandonment.

Please reconsider working for an agency that would treat you this way. I really hope you continue to take good care of yourself, and that you address this with your supervisor or your agency's management. I mean, you are having a medical emergency... Would they rather the patients family call 911 to send their nurse to ER if something happened??


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