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I am presently in year 2 of a 4 year degree program in Saskatchewan. This Semester my schedule must work around the faculty for some unknown reason. Just before the X-mas break my schedule for the winter semester was sweet. I had every second thursday off school and only a 2 hr lab on fridays. Since coming back to the program in 2004 things have changed. I have been conveniently moved from one lab section to another to accomodate the instructors so that I would be paired with another male conterpart for assessment class. I was not consulted about this changed it just occured, and I am registered to take a university class on thursday, but now I have to drop it for one lab :( ! When I asked why I was moved, an instructor informed me that she always puts males together and females together for assessment class. I am a little confused, I successfully completed term 1 clinical roation in a hospital where I was assigned many female patients, and as far as I know, when I am a graduate I will be assessing female and male patients. Since when does gender set rules policies or regualtions in a school.....especially one that is seeking accreditation.


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When I went to school they paired up the guys in assessment class when we were learning to do bed baths and chest assessments. For some reason they didn't want the male and female students together when they were in partial states of undress. :imbar

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