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Hello! I am a three year nurse. Worked in LTC And was recently fired from an ICU (working nights)for wrongful delegation. I left the unit for a break, had an aid sit and watch the call lights. This... Read More

  1. by   Inori
    ok i think you do not realize the seriousness of your actions. In otherwords you did (patient abandonment, improper delegation, negligence, who knows what else) . When you left the unit to take your break without a handing off to an RN that is assigned there you just did (. so what if they are sitting next to you did you report usign SBAR? i have pt 1 in room x situation xyz, etc I am reporting handing of fot you i willb e on break for x mins. If all you said was i'm gonna go on break brb in 15 mins then that's not reporting off and that nurse has not accepted your patients. Telling PCA to watch your pt lights is like telling her to be nurse for a while which is out of her scope of practice so you delegated wrongly,

    For a nurse with 3 yrs experience this should not happen .. hence the charge of negligence. Even I as a new graduate knows that I am never to leave the unit unless I have incoming shift to replace and accept report. I missed a few lunches because of that however I let my manager know, billed for it and always bring 2 nut bars exactly for situations like this.

    good luck and hopefully this works out and you've learned a vaulable lesson. Review your states board of nursing guildines, nursing books shore up your knowledge on legal, ethics, deletation. What others do may not always be right and when it comes down to it the law only cares about whta you did in relation to standard of practice, nursing state board guidlines.

    Get an attorney expereicned with nursing board stuff before you go before a board, anything you say and write will be used against you and only an attorney retained and paid for by you will have your best interests at heart. and get medmal insurance if dont have already.