"do not rehire" in nationwide HealthStream database

  1. I recently took my first travel RN assignment and that contract was cancelled 2 weeks early by the hospital. A charge nurse complained about me and included untrue statements, such as I do not do my hourly rounding on patients and I am often nowhere to be found on the unit. That is why my contract was cancelled early and I lost my job. This incident somehow led to me being flagged as "Do Not Rehire" in HealthStream and I am now unable to get a RN job at any hospital. HealthStream data is seen by numerous (I think over 1500) hospitals nationwide, including HCA and Tenet. Has anyone heard of this happening? I'm shocked that the statements of one nurse who worked maybe 3 shifts with me can ruin my career, especially since they are unfounded. I'm considering suing for libel. I've had numerous interviews, but am constantly rejected when I'm about to get an offer due to this flag on my name, for both travel and permanent RN assignments. I've been unemployed for a full month now due to this. My travel company says they have no power to change my status in HealthStream and nobody at HealthStream answers my calls or returns my voicemails.
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  3. by   DanidelionRN
    HCA hospitals are some of the lousiest ones in the country, and they do DNR people for a variety of bogus reasons. It shouldn't affect you outside of their systems, but there is very little to nothing you can do about it now. I would just look elsewhere- they don't control all the hospitals in the country- and you may be pleasantly surprised by the improvements in patient ratios and quality of equipment and care that you find elsewhere.
  4. by   Apples&Oranges
    You're upset that you can't work for HCA hospitals anymore? Take it a a blessing!! You are one lucky girl!