Working America Speaks Out

  1. If youre in the Financial District of NYC on July 30, the crowd you'll see at Exchange Place & the intersection of Broad & Wall Sts will be a demonstration of the working people protesting against the shenanigans going on down there.

    The battle cry is "Main Street Takes Its Demands To Wall St --- NO MORE Business As Usual!"

    The notice I received says "AFL-CIO union President John Sweeney is taking the demands of working America to Wall St with a major address at Noon - to deliver the message - NO MORE lost jobs, NO MORE lost savings, NO MORE lost trust, NO MORE Business As Usual"

    A crowd of thousands of union workers is expected from all fields of employment - from hotel housekeepers, to city workers, to ironworkers, to doctors & nurses. Non-union workers are also welcome. The greed-driven Wall St fiasco affects everybody.

    So hop on the train & come on down.
    (No one with backpacks or briefcases will allowed into the area).
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