Who Pays Whom For What In Health Care?

  1. Found this great series of articles from 1998 re who pays for healthcare and still valid today. Helps to shed a little light on why nursing is grouped in room charges and difficulties entailed in trying to change to payment per nursing action. Current trend is to group payment based on Diagnostic catagories as Medicare doing under DRG/HERG's etc.
    Very thought provoking. Karen

    Attn Rusty: Articles have a few big words.


    AN OVERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE SPENDING PATTERNS IN THE UNITED STATES: Using National Data Sources to Explore Trends in Nursing Services
    by Julie Sochalski, PhD, RN and Patricia A. Patrician, MSN, RN (June 10, 1998)

    ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Do We Want To Be Right or Do We Want To Win? http://nursingworld.org/ojin/tpc6/tpc6_2.htm
    by Ruth M. Harris, PhD, RN, C-ANP (June 10, 1998)

    PHYSICIAN AND NURSE REIMBURSEMENT http://nursingworld.org/ojin/tpc6/tpc6_3.htm
    by Carolyn Melby, DNSc, CNS (June 10, 1998)

    FINANCIAL COMPENSATION AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN HEALTH CARE http://nursingworld.org/ojin/tpc6/tpc6_4.htm
    by Mary Cipriano Silva, PhD, RN, FAAN (June 10, 1998)
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