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:D FOR as long as I have been a nurse (28 years) it seems like doctors have a lot of power over us. They yell at us in front of patients. Report us if we speak our minds or say anything out of... Read More

  1. by   LilgirlRN
    I am very lucky in that I work in a non-teaching facility, I work in the ER with same 6 docs day in and day out, we have to get along. The medical director of the ER says "a good nurse will save you every time". We prove this on a daily basis, like when one of the docs ordered an insulin drip at 35 units an hour (he didn't realize it wa a 1:1 drip). I am not saying that we do not disagree, there have been times when I have been asked to do things outside my scope of nursing and the doc has pitched a fit and then realized I was right for not doing as he asked. As others have said, we are members of the "team", when we work together, the patient has a better outcome.