Who is pulling the strings

  1. Have you considered who benefits from proposed changes. Education in any field or level has regressed. At the same time years of "trash" learning has been added to degrees. For who's benefit should be the question.
    By making education more obtainable thru marketing, loans, and ease, we have greater numbers putting in the time for a paper of higher learning. The quality of the product is down graded because the educator is lacking in skills or interest. But the student loan debt is rising to the benefit of future Gov. spending, and the market is flooded with poorly prepared, lazy disinterested individuals wanting higher salaries and their own office.
    Things that can be outsourced are. Services that can't drop in quality and cost more. Patient care for a 24hr period requires a degree of higher education less the 4 hrs a day. Yet we are influenced to believe it takes a BSN degree to change a bed and empty a foley. What the result is..no one is changing the bed or assisting in personal care. " I didn't go to college to empty foleys and give bed baths" So tasks do not get done, no one is held responsible because no one is my "boss". The pay off is to the Feds...
    Student loan fees and interest for the next 25yrs of your working life; personal taxes paid at a higher income rate; and employment for university teachers who provide little in return for their student loan repayment. Health care costs go up...and patients who spend fewer days getting direct care, receive little to no care at the hands of higher learners. ( "let their family get them dressed...they are going home tomorrow skip the linen change...not me not now I am going on break")
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  3. by   kalevra
    I think we are all part of this scam.

    We take part in it because other nurses with advanced degrees lobby for it. In turn we have to play by their rules in order to work. Mutually assured destruction, continual escalation is eventually gonna lead to the demise of some part of healthcare. Most likely it will be at the bedside and not in the administration level.

    I do tend to agree that many of the time consuming stuff can be delegated to CNAs and other supportive staff. You do not need a ADN/BSN to wipe butt/walk to bathroom/give a bath/ change a bed/ feed.
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Agree with some of the points expressed, and disagree with others.

    Might be best to split out the issues for a more organized discussion. IMO, doing so may also generate greater forum participation and result in a more focused interaction of ideas.