Who is advocating for nursing?

  1. After reading of the plight of nursing in the USA from various sources over the years, the challenges and issues we face seem to be common to all nurses in all parts of the country. Just to highlight my percpetion of the issues:
    -overworked and underpaid
    -lack of recognition as a professional
    -being put into unsafe conditions with increasing liability and expectations

    Again, the issues seem universal and nationwide. Who is advocating for nursing? Where is our united effort to change conditions and counter these challenges and problems? As I read about nursing and its problems, it seems that nurses are very fragmented. Some groups turn to unions, some just "take it," some actively and aggressively work with their hospital administration to solve issues, and so on.

    Why can't we unite through our established professional association and get past all of this? What is the problem here? We need a single, unified voice backed by the 2.7 or so nurses in the USA to advocate for us to get things changed. Why is this not happening nurses?
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  3. by   ainz
    That is the 2.7 MILLION or so nurses . . .
  4. by   iliel
    I am not a nurse yet, but I do see the problems that nursing is facing. I have spoken with Sandy form The Center for Nursing Advocacy, I feel she has the same concerns you share.
    Here is a link, you may or may not already know about her center.

    I do not want to settle for the way things are now, and I refuse not to become a nuse!