What is a magnet hospital?

  1. What exactly is a magnet hospital and is this a good thing? Thanks for any info/perspective
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  3. by   -jt
    Basically they are a handful of hospitals that have received an the ANA's highest credentialing award for their committment to their nursing staff, inclusion of nurses in the decisions and formulation of hospital policies that affect the nurses practice & their jobs, foster an atmosphere of respect for nurses and truly value them. There are only 42 such award-winning facilities in the whole country - only 1 in NYC - Long Island Jewish Hospital. These facilities have better staffing ratios, better pt outcomes, no mandatory ot, and usually a waiting list of RNs who want to work there. Because of their attitude towards nurses, the improved work environment & management practices that show nurses they valued and respected, these hospitals generally are not experiencing any trouble finding & retaining RNs even though other facilities all around them have nursing shortages. NJ has the most winners of this award....

    In 1982, the American Academy of Nursing's Task Force on Nursing Practice in Hospitals conducted a study of 41 hospitals to identify and describe variables that created an environment that attracted and retained well-qualified nurses who promoted quality patient care through providing excellence in nursing services. These institutions were called "magnet" hospitals and served as "magnets" to attract and retain professional nurses who experienced a high degree of professional and personal satisfaction through their practice. Over the past decade, hospital nursing service utilization, of the results of the 1982 magnet study, has been evident in many creative changes and innovations in nursing systems.

    The Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Program for Excellence in Nursing Service was established in 1993. It is the highest level of recognition that the American Nurses Credentialing Center can accord to organized nursing services in health care organizations.

    This program provides a framework to recognize excellence in:

    1. the management philosophy and practices of nursing services;
    2. adherence to standards for improving the quality of patient care;
    3. leadership of the chief nurse executive in supporting professional practice and continued competence of nursing personnel;
    4. and attention to the cultural and ethnic diversity of patients and their significant others, as well as the care providers in the system.

    This recognition indicates excellence in nursing services, development of a professional milieu, and growth and development of nursing staff. The baseline for the program is the Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators(ANA, 1996). The magnet recognition status is valid for a four-year period, after which the recipient must reapply.......>>>>>>>

    For more info, see: http://www.ana.org/ancc/magnet/magnet2.htm
  4. by   Pam Johnson

    the ANA's Magnet award may not accurately reflect the best of hospitals or nurses. A recipient of this award was far from deserving of this type of accolade. I've worked within this particular hospital organization & have seen firsthand patient care & treatment of nurses. The nurses are often working @ a harried pace & the patients have received less than optimal care. I've actually seen better care in other facilities. I feel that alot of these type of awards are politically based, in the social hierarchy of nursing.
  5. by   Nittlebug
    The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is a magnet hospital. That is where I trained to be a nurse. It was a good experience but the first hospital I worked at was an 80 bed facility in a smaller town and it was union. The patients there had better nursing care in my opinion due to the low patient to nurse ratio.
  6. by   SICU Queen
    My hospital must be a sh*t magnet.

    (I had a crappy night, sorry. )
  7. by   -jt
    The hospital does have to re-apply for continued Magnet status every 4 yrs but if they arent living up to the award, you can always notify the ANCC at the ANA website.
  8. by   DethOkay
    I work at a magnet hospital. as a perdiem agency person who has held a postion there for 6 months, several have been there allmost a year. Its a joke, they pay poorly, and staff several units with agency, except their transplants and artifical heart units. guess magnet depends on where you work at.
  9. by   VickyRN
    My hospital wants to become a magnet hospital and has begun the process towards that aim. I know I have complained about certain situations at my hospital in the past, but I think this is highly commendable. Shows that the administration is thinking in the right direction, wants nurses to feel valued and welcome, desires collegial work environments. There are many things that my hospital is doing right--this is one of them.
  10. by   SteveB

    You wouldn't happen to be at BGMC would you? I am going there for an interview next week about a position in the surg/trauma er.
    Just guessing, since they are applying for the Magnet Status and they are most definately in the sunny south. If you are, I would like to ask you some questions about the work environment. Thanks.

  11. by   VickyRN
    No, sorry I can't help you on that one. May want to pose that question on the General Nursing Discussion bulletin board and see if you get any responders.