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    Please take the time to vote for Pam Thompson as one of the top 100 most powerful persons in Healthcare. She has done alot to put AONE on the map in Washington and around the nation.

    Michele P. Campbell, MSN, RNC
    Executive Administrator
    PA State Nurses Association
    1-888-707-7762, ext. 200

    Subject: Put Pam in the Top 100

    Our CEO, Pam Thompson has been nominated by Modern Healthcare to be named one of the "100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare in the Nursing Category.

    As you know Pam has been the voice of nursing leadership and has placed AONE at the table for critical policy decisions facing the education, practice and the future direction of the nursing profession. Her ability to build consensus and create an environment of inclusion has transformed the often fractious world of nursing into a community. We are thrilled about
    her nomination and would like to see Pam receive the national recognition she so richly deserves.

    To do this we need your help. Please log on to to see the story.
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    Voting will close on July 25th and the
    winners will be featured in the August 25th edition of Modern Healthcare.
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