VICTORY for PA's Nurse Practitioner's

  1. In the last minutes of the session Senate Bill 1208 passed and was signed by Governor Schweiker on December 9. The new law, known as Act 206, will place CRNPs under the sole regulation of the State Board of Nursing. Last minute concessions negotiated with physicians included adding national certification, continuing education and scope of practice in a particular specialty to the statute and the development of a Drug Review Committee comprised of CRNPs and MD'S to review new categories of drugs for CRNP's to prescribe.

    More info re legislative wrapup 2002:
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  3. by   pattyjo
    PA nurses really made a difference on this one: letters, phone calls, meetings and more letters to our legislators got this done. We do have a voice, we just have to remember to use it!
  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    Way to go PA nurses!!