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  1. need to find out how many babies born in utah, how many white americans have colon cancer in alaska, youth risk behavior or birth defects statistics? you'll find the information from the ton of links provided.

    check out: health statistics resources

    in the column entitled, "using health statistics: a nightingale legacy", dr. barbara f. schloman highlights key health statistics resources available on the internet.

    sections listed from start to end of article:
    federal agencies
    general health compilations
    demographic data
    state and community data
    tools for finding and using statistics
    online statistics study aids

    want to know the health of your community? look at the
    community health status indicators project.

    based on 1997 statistics, the july 2000 community health statistics report for delaware county, pa (my area) reports:

    selected statistics:
    population size: 543,010
    peer counties across us: san mateo cty, ca; hartffordcounty, ct; du paige cty, ill;westchester cty, ny , kent cty, mi, salt lake cty , uy

    individuals living below poverty level: 3.3-10.5%

    vulnerable populations include:
    people with no high school diploma--adults over age 25: 68,020
    unemployed individuals -1998: 10.830
    people who are severly work disabled: 14,860
    those suffering from major depression: 27,020

    age distribution:
    under age 19: 21.5 - 32%
    age 65-84: 4.5 -14.2%

    uninsured individuals in the state (1998): 1,248,000

    medicare beneficiaries (1998):
    elderly: 83,870
    disabled: 7,860

    primary care physicians per 100,000 population: 113.6
    dentists " " : 73.8
    community/migrant health center: 1

    birth measures (total 20,972): / u.s. rate:
    low birth wt: 7.25% / 7.5%
    premature births: 10.4% / 11.4%
    teen mothers < age 18: 3.2% / 12.7%
    unmarried mothers: 26.6% / 32.4%

    infant mortality per 1,000 live births: /u.s. rate:
    infant mortality: 6.1% / 7.2%
    white infant: 3.9% / 6%
    black infant: 14.9% / 13.7%
    neonatal <29 days: 4.8% / 4.8%
    post -neonatal 1-12 mo: 1.2% / 2.5%

    death measures: /us rate:
    breast cancer 34% / 28.6%
    colon ca 28% / 21.6%
    coronary heart dis 204% / 216 %
    homicide 5.8% / 7.2%
    lung cancer 61.9% / 58.1%

    now i know why my homcare agency serving ~700 new clients, bc, hmo, mc + ma provider--- contacted provider for the largest medicaid hmo in my area to provide all pre and postnatal home care and medical homecare...... has 99% of clients unwed mothers, sees almost all the teenage moms in the area (average age is 17), low rate of bereavement homecare for fetal loss visits and has a growing chf and copd program!

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  3. by   Mijourney
    Thank you, Karen. Some of the Georgia counties did not fully participate in the information sharing.