UR or QI nurses with RAC experience? - page 2

Are there any UR nurses or QI nurses from CA,FL, or NY that have had experience with Recovery Audit Contractors willing to give advice on how to prepare for the permanent RAC's or share their... Read More

  1. by   kathtex
    Gypsy--Maybe you can help with this question. Re: obs hours and what is medically necessary. Ex: chest pain r/o mi. Pt placed in obs. Diagnostic tests, such as Echo or Stress Testing, are delayed 24 hrs, but pt is still being monitored on tele. I would track this as an avoidable day for the hospital, but would RAC consider those 24 hours medically unnecessary. Thanks
  2. by   deutsch79
    Gypsy, can you tell me what start times and end times my hospital needs to be using to caluculate hourly observation charges? on your ahima document above states that it's when the patient 's medical intervention would end, I take that for an IV being discontinued and d/c instructions being given. Is that right?
  3. by   d'cm
    I agree with everything you said and would love to do RAC reviews myself. Were you paid per chart / hourly or salary? Did you go onsite / office or work from home?