Update: Understanding the Provisions of the Nurse Reinvestment Act

  1. check out ojin's legislative column:
    [color=#995522]nurse reinvestment act: implications for the nursing profession:
    discussion with denise geolot

    did you contact your legislator in support of the nurse
    reinvestment act, but now you're not sure what it all
    could mean for you? maybe you know someone
    considering nursing as a career that would benefit from
    some financial support. if so, greer glazer's recently
    posted legislative column features an interview with
    denise geolot, phd, rn, faan, the director, health and
    human services, health resources and services
    administration, division of nursing that can help you
    understand the provisions of nurse reinvestment act. dr.
    geolot discusses the various funding opportunities
    available to working nurses and aspiring nurses or nurse
    educators and explains what steps nurses can take to ensure
    continued funds for the programs provided.

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