Uk nurse shortage a farce!

  1. As a registered nurse and midwife, fit and healthy and ready to come and work in the UK, i was told by an agent that i was not welcome. i have had many high powered jobs, have loads of experience in nursing and in the business world. in our country, there are few jobs so i have been forced out of bedside nursing for the past 10 years and am teaching. so it was really a slap in the face to be told that because i am not actively nursing at this moment, i would not be able to apply for a position in the UK. So to all fellow nurses - I tried, i would love to come over and be part of your team. I have always been an asset where ever i am - UK - its your loss!!
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  3. by   Kare
    Dear Nailboss;

    Have you ever thought about Canada???
  4. by   Kare
    Dear Nailboss;

    Have you ever thought about Canada???
  5. by   PeggyOhio
    This article may help you understand.UKtostop

    Here's a quote,"``A few years ago, Nelson Mandela came over to Britain and begged us not to recruit from South Africa."

    They probably would snap you up if you were from the Phillipines!
  6. by   nailboss
    THANKS FOR THE REPLY. unfortunately if you are a white nurse in South Africa, there is no job for you, so one is forced to look elsewhere. so sad to have to leave this beautiful country, but then we need to work. amazing how politics can influence one's life.
  7. by   nailboss
    By the way, thanks for the interesting article.
    and the person who suggested Canada - tooooooooooo cold! where we live, we don't even wear long sleeves in winter. any warm place would be good!
  8. by   donmurray
    Hey! here in the U.K. we complain of the heat if the temperature is more than 80F. More than a couple of hours at 90F. is a heatwave! By the way, one third of registered nurses joining the U.K. and Ireland workforce at present are originally registered elsewhere in the world. You would seem to be in the very rare, (but unfortunate for you) position of living in one of the few countries we've promised not to raid.
  9. by   nailboss
    Having travelled all over the world, but only last year (twice) to the Uk, i fell in love with it, and would love to work there. so , yes , it is sad. but thanks for replying. i am coming over just for another holiday in August and when i get back, i will start looking at other options.
  10. by   kidznurse
    It seems that the issue is not of your country of origin but lack of current clinical experience. We have to do clinical experience and back to nursing courses here if away from the coal face for a while. Perhaps you could get a clinical job in SA to re hone skills to make your application more viable. A lot changes in 10years so you may find it beneficial . Or apply for a refresher in England Aussie or NZ
  11. by   mansfieldRN
    there are quite a few "warm" spots in the US. i don't know if you would like the re-location problems that i have read about in here, but the nursing shortage is real where i come from, and i could pick any state in the nation to work at if i wanted (although, of course, i'm already here). a former co-worker of mine just relocated to florida, and her receiving hospital paid for her move and found her a temp place to live.