The Roy Model; its political implications. Please help.

  1. In researching the shortage, I found myself referring to the Roy Model of nursing while discussing hospital hegemony.This is purely recollection from my nursing theory studies. I recall an image from the book involving circles, and in which , if memory serves, the nurse was seen as central in the hospital setting and described as its primary referrer to other disciplines, including but not limited to physicians. I studied theory in the early 80s, so the edition i remember would have been utilized in that time frame and I can't know if the image and its discussion is found in any later editions of the work.

    Does anyone have access to the Roy Model of Nursing, and are you able to access this image and its discussion? [a scan would be nice]. I am interested in including it, or portions of it , in footnote to pages reviewing the business aspect of the industry and to support a tenant that nurse salaries have been viewed as contributing to erosion of hospital profits,while in fact nursing services are the prism through which all other profits are derived. I need to assure that my memory is serving me correctly in referencing Sister Roy's work in this way.

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    Could not find the specific info you wanted on line. Hope the above links helpful.