The future of Nursing ?

  1. In which direction do you see it going? Are we heading toward a more education role, ie 2 years of med school, residencies and then become a nurse, or are we heading toward a more technical role, with the avalanche of computers and technology?

    Are we losing our history of patient advocacy skills ?
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  3. by   PurrRN
    Oooohhh, good question. After having absorbed some of the infinite wisdom and experiences of the nurses on this site I have to wonder about this also. It seems that so much of the nurses time is spent trying to accomplishe the physical taskings of inappropriate patient ratio's and unrealistic expectations.

    I realize that every nurse has her/his patient's best interest at heart. But what do you when all your time is taken up by technical aspects. I think someone (corporate entities and the like) are forgetting that simple conversation and touch, having the time to focus on the individual as a person (instead of wondering if you are going to be written up for a late med pass), are VERY, VERY important also.

    I know I'm saddened by what I'm learning in regards to what burdens are put on a majority of nurses, but not dissuaded in my goal.

    I guess the lesson is, if you don't fight against the system, you can't gripe at the system. We all know that the people who make the money will never turn over a new leaf as far as money is concerned.......and that's a real doggone shame.
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Until the nursing shortage corrects itself, I don't think it's going to change at all on a education level.

    I do see NP's being more in demand, and in fact, I believe that for minor things like colds, fever's, small lacerations requiring stitches, etc...that insurance companies will start REFUSING to pay for a physician. Please don't let anyone misread this into thinking that is all NP's are good for... this is a purely economical statement. I also believe the scope of practice for RN's will increase.