Tenet :Philadelphia-area hospitals relying on extra Medicare

  1. Six Tenet Healthcare Corp. hospitals in the Philadelphia area received more than $107 million in extra payments from Medicare last year. Tenet's success nationwide in getting extra Medicare funds has triggered a federal audit and has helped cause its stock to sink in recent weeks.

    Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 17, 2002
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    See article from Institue for Health and Socioeconomic Policy--found at CNA.org.

    US Hospitals: Utilizing or Exploiting Medicare Outliers?

    Note that National outliner payment =3.5%. In PA average is 3.2%. Per Inquirer article, Philadelphia area Tenet facilities with 11%---all city hospitals so could expect that. However, hospital system in my backyard Crozer Keystone System has 33% rate while others in my area are 3-5%----guess who will knocking at their door.

    Glad when I code my agency's DRG's/DX I can sleep soundly at night.
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