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  1. by   UKRNinUSA
    RNcountry - I take your point but subservience and submissiveness are not exclusive to nurses from third world countries. I have worked with quite a few American nurses who have shown these traits and so perpetuated "the cycle of abuse".
  2. by   DelGR
    If hospitals won't hire those that have applied for employment that are US citizens, why would they go overseas to get a nurse?? I've been reading several different threads on this site where the US nurse can't get hired even in areas of the country where the hospitals are saying they have a shortage of nurses.

    WOULD IT BE THAT THE LOWER WAGE WORKER (foreign born) would help the hospitals make MORE PROFIT???? You know they won't be paid as well. Or, they will have to accept jobs in more depressed economic areas of the country.

    The schools have limited openings for those wanting to get into nursing. Part of it is higher GPA standards to get into the nursing school and part of it is not enough nurse educators.

    The immigration laws should not be changed to allow others to come in to take jobs from those that are here and willing to work but not under such bad working conditions.
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  3. by   rncountry
    UK nurse what you say is so true, unfortunately. Most of the nurses I work with are strong personalities, though we do have a couple milktoast nurses who I strive to teach how to be mouthy. :roll
    Been helping on a campaign here, and I will be writing a "slogan" or whatever you want to call it, for her to bring up in her campaign regarding banning mandatory overtime for nurses in Michigan. The dialogue for that here has all but stopped for some reason and we need to get it back on track. Give people a decent workplace and you won't need to look for other sources. It is one thing to have people want to come to this country, or any other country, for a different life and to bring the skills and the abilities they have to add to society, but it is something different to deliberately go looking for others to fill needs because you refuse to change the way you do business. JT I have worked with outstanding nurses from the Phillipines, I have not worked with any nurses from the Phillipines that were not good. That said I also know of instances in which nurses from there have been exploited, in both this country and abroad. It is not so much the immigration I don't want, as much as I don't want to see fellow nurses taken advantage of, and I don't want immigration to take the place of fixing what is wrong in the first place. And unfortunately they were taken advantage of because they were afraid they would not be allowed to stay if they spoke up. Several months ago I accidently ran across a website for an agency that specializes in bringing nurses from the Phillipines to America, ( I was doing some research for a friend of mine regarding something else but had enough key words for this site to come up) one of the things they had on this website as why the nurses from the Phillipines make good employees was that they were "hardworking and willing to put in whatever extra hours are needed" It also noted that they were "polite as well as team players" I found the whole website very offensive. It had the reek of auctioning horses, as if they were saying good teeth on this one! People in general, nurses or otherwise, should not be treated this way.
  4. by   -jt
    <WOULD IT BE THAT THE LOWER WAGE WORKER (foreign born) would help the hospitals make MORE PROFIT???? You know they won't be paid as well.>

    That is against the law. When some places were found to be trying to do that, they were fined by the govt & ordered to make restitution to those nurses in back pay. Newly hired nurses from another country have to be paid the same as any other newly hired nurse would be paid at that facility. Thats the law. I dont think hospitals want foreign nurses because they think they can get away with paying them less - they cant. They want them because they think the foreign nurses will be obligated to keep their mouths shut, not make waves, do whatever they are told, & put up with whatever abuses that are heaped on them rather than risk getting fired, losing their visa, and being sent back.

    <<foreign-educated nurses brought into the United States tend to be placed in jobs with unacceptable working conditions with the expectation that these nurses, as temporary residents and foreigners, would not be in a position to complain.
  5. by   DelGR
    Here's an address from a recent release from JCAHO on the nursing shortage and some solutions