Sound off re Dept HHS rules/ regulatory burdens

  1. Request For Public Comment on HHS Regulations

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is currently seeking public input on ways to reduce burdens imposed by existing HHS regulations that inhibit the delivery of high quality, timely and efficient health care, inhibit the development of
    pharmaceuticals and other medical products, or inhibit biomedical and health services research. HHS is requesting that the comments be as specific as possible and concentrate on regulatory burdens rather than by underlying statutes enacted by Congress.

    These comments will be used to inform the work of the recently appointed Secretary's Advisory Committee on Regulatory Reform which has three nurse members. The deadline for comments to HHS is March 5th and ANA is preparing a response which will focus on the duplicative paperwork issue as well as other regulatory issues. ANA is currently soliciting input from the PSNA and other state nurses associations related to burdensome health care regulations that should be part of our response.

    To review the HHS's request as printed in the January 4, Federal Register, use the following web site link:

    Click here:

    Forward your comments on the proposed regulations to Michele Campbell at or contact Michele at 1-888-707-7762, ext. 200 with questions or comments. Comments must be forwarded to PSNA by February 13.

    PSNA will forward received comments to ANA. ANA will prepare a statement from all statements received and forward to the HHS.
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